LENGTH OF PAPER:   90 minutes


All topics from Years 9, 10 and 11 will be assessed. For the exam you will need a black pen, calculator, pencil, rubber and a ruler




Hooke’s Law and the behaviour of materials when stretched

Elastic stored energy

Properties of waves, longitudinal and transverse, the Wave Equation

Properties, uses and dangers of the Electromagnetic spectrum

Thermal radiation, conduction and convection

Evaporation and condensation

Specific heat capacity and Specific latent heat

Forms of energy, efficiency, converting energy from fuels both renewable and non-renewable

Atomic structure

Properties, dangers and uses of Alpha, beta and gamma radiation,

Radioactive decay and half life




Distance-time and Velocity-time graphs, meaning of gradient and area under the line

Scalars and vectors, vector diagrams

Speed, velocity and acceleration equations

Force diagrams

Resultant force and Newton’s laws, Terminal velocity

Stopping distances

Work done, Kinetic and Potential Energy and energy changes

Conservation of Momentum in collisions and explosions, Elastic collisions

Impact force, Car safety features

Charging by friction, Law of Charges, Uses and dangers of electric charge

Electric fields

Current, Potential Difference, Resistance

Current-p.d. graphs for resistor, lamp and diode

LDR and thermistor properties

Series and parallel circuits

A.c. and mains circuits, fuses, earthing, plug wiring,

Fission, fusion and balanced nuclear equations, Models of the atom




Density and pressure, Gas laws

Absolute zero

Turning moments, centre of gravity and Gears

Circular motion and orbits




§  Learn the key equations and make sure you can rearrange them.

§  Marks can be lost if units are missing – learn them.

§  Practise problem solving as part of revision, using past papers and mark schemes.

§  Look at the number of marks for a written answer and match it with the number of statements you write.

§  Key words and terminology are important, make sure to focus in on these when revising.


See our website for a formulae list, revision material and tips, useful downloads and links to past papers www.skinners-physics.co.uk