Length of paper:   1 x 90 minutes


Topics for revision:


Heat transfer, energy and efficiency, Sankey diagrams

Generating electricity and the National Grid

Renewable and non-renewable resources

Waves and the wave equation

The electromagnetic spectrum

Radioactive decay and half-life

Evidence for the Big Bang

Hooke’s law


Distance-time and Velocity-time graphs

Acceleration, force and Newton’s laws, Terminal velocity

Stopping distances and car safety features

Work, Kinetic and Potential Energy

Conservation of Momentum and impact forces

Uses and dangers of electric charge

Current, Potential Difference and Resistance

Current-p.d.graphs for resistor, lamp and diode

LDR and thermistor

Series and parallel circuits

A.c. and mains circuits, fuses, earthing, plug wiring, use of oscilloscopes

Fission, fusion and balanced nuclear equations, Models of the atom


Density and pressure, Gas laws

Turning moments and centre of gravity

Circular motion and astronomy


How Science Works – issues and experimental work, variables, errors and graphs





Black pen, pencil, ruler, calculator





Most equations are NOT provided in questions, you must learn most of them, and make sure you can rearrange them.


Marks can be lost if units are missing – learn the units.


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