SUBJECT:  PHYSICS             Length of paper 90 minutes

Topics for revision:


Hookes law

Elastic behaviour of materials

Elastic Potential energy


Transverse and longitudinal waves

Amplitude, wavelength, frequency and the wave equation

The electromagnetic spectrum uses, production and dangers

Analogue and digital signals


Heat transfer (conduction, convection and radiation)

Evaporation and condensation

Specific Heat Capacity

Specific Latent Heat

Energy and efficiency and Sankey Diagrams

Electrical energy and how it is generated power stations

Renewable and non-renewable resources

National grid and transformers


Atomic structure

Alpha, beta and gamma radiation and their properties

Half-life how to calculate it and read it from a graph

Uses and dangers of radioactive isotopes


How science works practical techniques, writing an experimental method, errors, graphs




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You need to learn the equations:


        Applied force = spring constant x extension

        Elastic Potential Energy = x spring constant x (extension)2

        Wave speed (m/s)  =  frequency (Hz)  X  wavelength (m)

        Frequency = 1/time period

        Efficiency = useful energy output / total energy input

        Power  (W)  =  energy used (J)  /  time taken (s)

        Heat Energy Supplied  =  mass X specific heat capacity X temperature rise    

        Heat transferred (J)   mass of substance (kg) x specific latent heat (J/kg